•Product photography    •Food photography   •Commercial photography
•Event photography   •Portrait Photography   •Videography   •Graphic design
We provide food, product, event, commercial photography or menu, logo and branding design services, whether you want to develop your business brand or starting a business, our one-stop service allows you to have more time to deal with other issues!
Product Photography 
 As the old proverb goes "A picture is worth a thousand words" and booking a commercial photography shoot for your business helps to promote your services,      sell your products and above all create engagement with your customers.
Food Photography
Successful food photography comes from the photographer and the creative director knowing how to create the right mood and choose appropriate props to compliment the product you are shooting, your food has never looked better.
Corporate Headshots & Group
Modlens offers single employee headshots, team photographs and shots of the office space. We do traditional headshots in front of a plain background, or ‘in-situ’ shots around the office for a more relaxed feel. 
For standard headshots, we allow around 10 minutes per person. That’s because, at Hong Kong, we like to think of corporate headshots as portraits, which means having enough time to get to the core of each individual. We offer a deep edit and retouch of one photo per person. 

Event Photography built around you. Bring your brand to life.
Our work at events has taken us from the beautiful Shard here in Hong Kong
We have experience photographing theatre performances, Product & event release and Parties event!
We aim to blend in amongst the guests (without the use of the open bar) to capture genuine moments of enjoyment and entertainment.  
At HongKong, we know that every event is unique and requires something different. We do everything we can to bring your event to life. 
Professional Filming that Tells Your Story
A video’s true purpose is to not only showcase the aesthetics of the subject, but to tell a story. Everglade provides visual storytelling, documentary filmmaking, informational videos with voiceovers and much more. From writing the script to shooting the video and matching the perfect voice actor for your brand, we bring your story to life
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